Miracles from the Hill Podcast

Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain with Suzanne and Ryan

December 07, 2022 Miracle Hill Ministries Season 1 Episode 17
Miracles from the Hill Podcast
Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain with Suzanne and Ryan
Show Notes

Suzanne is a child of God, wife, mom, grandma to 12, and an Educational Therapist who works at Pearl Learning Center. She partners with students of all ages who have "difficulties with thinking". This includes students with learning disabilities, brain injury, ADHD, etc. Suzanne is a longtime volunteer with Miracle Hill Ministries and has blessed many women in Miracle Hill's addiction/recovery facility, Renewal, with hope through her teachings on Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is defined by oxford dictionary as the "ability of the brain to develop new neurons and/or new synapses in response to stimulation and learning." In other words, God has given the human brain amazing capacity to change and heal. You can imagine that, for someone who has spent much of their life struggling through dominating addiction, learning that the brain can heal from harmful patterns is extremely encouraging.

In this educational episode, Suzanne and Ryan walk through the basics of neuroplasticity and share practical tips on how you, no matter your experiences or trauma, can think better and foster healthy brain patterns that lead to the ability to make wise choices.

"I will give you back your health and heal your wounds.” says the LORD. Jeremiah 30:17a

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