Miracles from the Hill Podcast

Suicide Loss, Grief, and Mental Illness with Dawn and Ryan

December 21, 2022 Miracle Hill Ministries Season 1 Episode 18
Miracles from the Hill Podcast
Suicide Loss, Grief, and Mental Illness with Dawn and Ryan
Show Notes

Sensitive Content Disclaimer: This episode of Miracles from the Hill Podcast covers sensitive topics including suicide and mental illness. We hope and pray that the open conversation on this episode brings education and hope to our audience; however, if you are likely to be adversely impacted by these topics, please refrain from watching or listening to this episode.

In this episode of Miracles from the Hill Podcast, Dawn shares her incredibly real, raw, and hope-filled story of how she worked through the grief of losing her husband to suicide.

Dawn's mother struggled with debilitating depression after a severe car accident left her with brain damage. This incident changed Dawn's family dynamics drastically. She recalls stark contrast of weekdays and Sundays. Dawn's mom wouldn't get dressed or get out of bed during the week, but on Sundays, her mother would get dressed, put on her church outfit, and sit on the front-row pew to hear Dawn's father, the church pastor, preach his sermon.

Fast forward to Dawn's married years. She knew something was wrong. Her husband struggled with addiction and emotional highs and lows. During these years, Dawn wasn't able to find adequate support or help for their marriage or her own mental health. 

After years of struggle, Dawn's husband took his life. Leaving Dawn and her two children reeling. But, Dawn's story doesn't end here. Through Jesus, time, and community, Dawn is now able to look back on her story and tell how God carried her and her family through an extremely dark valley of grief and loss.

Today, Dawn works for Miracle Hill Ministries, is actively involved in her church, and enjoys pouring into other people that hope that she received from God.

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18

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