Miracles from the Hill Podcast

The Power of Advocacy with Susan and Ryan

April 19, 2023 Season 2 Episode 5
Miracles from the Hill Podcast
The Power of Advocacy with Susan and Ryan
Show Notes

As the old adage goes, "it takes a village." In the Upstate of South Carolina, there are a variety of organizations and ministries working to provide aid, resources, and hope for people experiencing homelessness. The Greenville Homeless Alliance provides a platform for leaders of these organizations to come together. As GHA's website states:  "[The Greenville Homeless Alliance]  utilizes a common agenda, common progress measures, coordination of mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and support of the partnership through a host organization to achieve a collective impact."

In this episode, Ryan sits down with Susan McLarty, Greenville Homeless Alliance Director. Together, they discuss more deeply the complications and issues of homelessness, the mission of Greenville Homeless Alliance, Miracle Hill's partnership with GHA, and the power of advocacy.

 Greenville Homeless Alliance strives to  "educate, advocate, collaborate, and innovate."

The voice is powerful. Real change is possible when advocates unite together to speak up and work towards a better reality for the hurting and isolated in their communities.

Click here to view "Homelessness White Paper"
Click here to view other research and reports.
Click here to view GHA's website.

Blessed is the one who considers the poor!
In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him;
Psalm 41:1

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