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How Does Trauma Affect Children? with Diane and Ryan

August 09, 2023 Miracle Hill Ministries Season 3 Episode 4
Miracles from the Hill Podcast
How Does Trauma Affect Children? with Diane and Ryan
Show Notes

On this episode, Ryan sits down with Diane Turner, a trauma-informed Care-Coordinator at Miracle Hill Ministries.

Diane dives into the weeds of trauma and how children who experience a variety of traumas are thus impacted. There are many tools used by SCDSS, case workers, care coordinators, and other social workers to help define and recognize trauma. One example of these tools is the ACE test, which stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences test (click here to learn more).

The point of testing for and understanding trauma is not to assign negative labels to an individual, but to better understand what resources would be most pertinent for their healing process. The pairing and offering of resources to children in Foster Care is part of Diane's job and something she's very passionate about.

Trauma affects one's spiritual, physical, and mental health. Trauma often causes the brain to be stuck in "survival mode," which traditionally makes it difficult for a person to connect and trust with others and live a vibrant life.

Experiencing some level of trauma is a reality for any child who has lived in homelessness or is taken into the Foster Care system. However, there is always hope. Children are resilient, and when officered the right care, children are able to live happy, whole lives.

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